She Leads With Purpose: Pt 1

It's a new year and with the new year comes a new opportunity to change the world for Jesus; To no longer look at ourselves as victims of a sinful world but as volunteers to change it.  


Where do we start?


It starts with us, a community of women who are willing to take an honest look at ourselves and acknowledge that we don't always get it right. We then allow God to fix our mess-ups, mix-ups, and trip-ups, so God can work through us to change our world for Jesus. Together we can change the world for Jesus, but it starts with your world; it all starts with your commitment to change your world for Jesus.


Who is in “your world”?  


“Your world” consists of your spouse, kids, parents, grandparents, in-laws, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, neighbors, co-workers, church family or the people you interact with on a regular basis.  These people are “your world” they are in your sphere of influence; they are affected by your words and actions; they are impacted directly by you.


“The world” consists of all the people on the planet, the lost, broken, addicted, hurting, sick, depressed and far from Jesus.  It also includes found, healed, restored, redeemed, forgiven and followers of Jesus.  These are not opposing sides, these are all people, whom Jesus died for, whom he loves very much, so much that He died for every single person who has ever been born and has yet to be born.  His love spans the ages not just our lifetime.  Our job is to make sure that his message doesn’t die with us.  


That is why this year our call to action is: We are not victims of a sinful world we are volunteers to change it.   


Let’s make it a little more personal: _______ (insert name)is not a victim of this sinful world ______ (insert name)is a volunteer to change it. 


Jesus was not a victim of the cross he was a volunteer.  It is our turn to volunteer to change our world and the world for Jesus.


Our actions matter and we have influence! We can change the world through the influence God has given us and through our actions, words, and influence.


We don’t have to live as victims of low self-esteem, depression, broken marriages, broken friendships, toxic work environment, broken homes, and families. NO!  We can live as volunteers to bring hope, encouragement, peace, love, joy, restoration, forgiveness, worth, purpose and joy. 


This year our theme is “She Leads With Purpose.”


“She Leads” with love, joy, peace, encouragement forgiveness, and grace. 


“She Leads” with words that lead, guide and direct people to Jesus.


“She Leads” with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.


“She Leads” her world to Jesus.


However, before we can do that, we need to check our hearts; we need to ensure that what flows out of it brings the Savior into our world and not sin.


Guard your heart above all else, 

for it determines the course of your life. 

Proverbs 4:23 NLT


The words that come out of our mouths start in our hearts, it then travels to our brain then makes its escape out of our mouths.  Those words bring sin or the Savior into our world, it creates victims or inspires volunteers.  


The damage we do is a result of a damaged heart.  The good you do; the change you bring; bringing the Savior into your world is a result of a healed heart.


When you decide in your heart that you will no longer be a victim of this sinful world but a volunteer to change your world, you will start to see a change in the way you think and the words and actions that follow will reflect a heart that has been volunteered to change and to heal; to bring change and to bring healing to the world around you; to bring Jesus into your world.


The course of your life, marriage, relationships, career, and health may have you believe that you are a victim.  I think it is time to speak life back into your life; it is time to course correct, it is time to volunteer to bring your relationships, your hurts, your family, your marriage, your thoughts and your heart back to Jesus. 


It is time to volunteer to change and be the change.


Fill in the blanks below with the things you need to no longer be a victim to but a volunteer to change it.  Then, every single day when you wake up pray over these things, give them to God and then you need to be an active volunteer to change these areas in your life.


I am not a victim of  _____________ I am a volunteer to change it.


I am not a victim of  _____________ I am a volunteer to change it.


I am not a victim of  _____________ I am a volunteer to change it.


I am not a victim of  _____________ I am a volunteer to change it.


I am not a victim of  _____________ I am a volunteer to change it.


I am not a victim of  _____________ I am a volunteer to change it.