The Lost Parts of You

I will seek the lost, 

and I will bring back the strayed, 

and I will bind up the injured, 

and I will strengthen the weak…

  Ezekial 34:16 ESV


It is sometimes hard to see the purpose inside of us because we look at our lives through the lens of our past and present mistakes and experiences; we look at ourselves, and we see our age, stage of life or limitations and think, “how on earth do I tap into my purpose”.  We put our purpose on hold while we look for something stronger than our fear, hurt, loss, insecurities, unworthiness, past or present.


“Your present circumstances have nothing to do with God’s ability to work His purpose through you.  He promises to bind up your wounds if you are injured, and He will give you strength if you are weak.  He has a solution for every problem.” – Journey to Purpose


God says, I will seek the lost, strayed, injured and weak


To live your purpose on purpose, you have to allow God to find:

1.    The lost parts of you 

2.    The strayed parts of your relationship with Him 

3.    The injured parts of your heart and 

4.    The weak parts of your faith


Life and all that happens in it has a way of overpowering our purpose.  We get so caught up in our problems, hurts, betrayals, addictions, regrets, sickness, limitations, and distractions that we can’t see that purpose, related or not to your current situation is waiting to be revealed and used.


You have to let Him heal you, restore you and give you strength. Your purpose is too important to be overshadowed by your life.


No matter what is going on in your life today, grab on to purpose and live it on purpose.


*excerpts taken from “Journey To Purpose”, by Nichole Chavez