The Power Of The Pawn

Do you ever wonder why Satan targeted Eve for temptation? I believe Satan knew something Eve didn’t, he knew she could convince Adam to eat the fruit. All she had to do was offer it to him and he would trust her enough to eat it. No questions asked. 


Satan knew Eve could change the world. Satan knows you can change your world. 


When Eve was created, Satan immediately targeted her for destruction. He wanted to kill, steal and destroy her relationship with God, her relationship with her husband and he wanted to kill, steal and destroy her life. He saw that God loved her and that was enough for him to want to destroy her.


The enemy knows God loves you and that is enough for him to target you.  If he can use your influence to bring down your family and everyone you influence, even better.


God made Eve as a gift, but Satan saw her as a pawn in his battle against God. 


The second you were conceived the enemy had plans to kill, steal and destroy your life and your relationship with God.  Not because he cares if you fail, but because he wants God to fail.  Your failure is a bonus. He can’t beat God, he can’t touch God, he was thrown out of heaven by God, but he can tempt God’s true loves to turn their back on Him.  He can use us like a pawn to bring sin into our world.


Satan’s number one enemy is God, and God’s number one love is YOU. Satan knows the best way to hurt God and simultaneously build his empire is to target you for destruction.  It is your responsibility to know who you are in Christ, to remember your purpose and to know how your influence can change your world.


Declare this today: I will not be used like a pawn by Satan in his battle against God.