"One Day"

“The serpent was the shrewdest of all the wild animals the LORD God had made. 

One day he asked the woman, 

‘Did God really say you must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden?’”

Genesis 3:1 NLT


We all know about this “one day”.  Eve was tempted to eat the forbidden fruit and instead of listening to God she gave in to her own desires.  She disobeyed God and she ate the fruit. I’m sure Eve relived the nightmare of her “one-day” decision over and over again. I’m sure she wished she had ignored the snake or better yet listened to God.  I’m sure in hindsight she realized that Satan was just lying in wait for this “one day.”


“Have you ever thought to yourself?  “If I could just go back to that ‘one-day,’ I would make a different decision. I would have stayed home, I would have said, “no”, I wouldn’t have married him, I wouldn’t have taken that first drink, I would have believed in myself, I would tell myself it’s not worth it.”


That same day, that very same “one-day”, a plan was put in place, a sacrifice was required, and Jesus was made the solution.


That day Satan thought he won; he thought he succeeded in his plan to turn God’s children against Him, to defy Him and reject His commands.  


What he didn’t count on was God’s incredible love for us, he didn’t count on forgiveness and grace, and he didn’t count on Jesus.


“One-day” can be a trap laid out by Satan or 

“One-day” can be your day of freedom paid for by Jesus.


Regardless of how long ago or how recent your “one-day” occurred you have a choice to make.  You can stay chained to it or you can be free from it.  The consequences of our mistakes don’t disappear, but the shame and pain can.


Today, lay your “one-day” mistake at the feet of Jesus, then walk away.  The influence God gave you is lived out in the shadow of grace shaded and protected from shame.  


Wasted influence is to live in shame, hiding from the difference you can make in the lives of others.  To use your influence is to allow others to see your life as marked by grace, forgiveness, restoration and hope.