Go With The Strength You Have

The scariest part about saying “yes” to living your life with purpose and on purpose is the unknown.  God requires us to say yes without prior knowledge of what “yes” entails.

He does this for a few reasons:

1.    You will learn to trust Him

2.    You will learn to follow Him

3.    He gets all the credit

Everything God asks you to do will be impossible for you to do without Him. Instinctively we know this which is why living a life of purpose and on purpose is so hard to say yes to.  We also know that without God we don’t have what it takes; in the back of our minds we are asking, “can I do this without God?”  We know the answer is “no” so we step back and wait, we wait until He asks us to do something that we can accomplish on our own.

“Then the LORD turned to him and said, 

‘Go with the strength you have, 

and rescue Israel from the Midianites. 

I am sending you!’”

Judges 6:14NLT



“Your purpose belongs to God.  It is not for you to decide when and where you will step into it nor is it up to you to determine how you will fulfill it.  Your purpose is yours because God gave it to you, and your purpose will be fulfilled according to God’s plan.  When it is just the right time, He will send you.  He will tell you, “Now, go.”” – Journey To Purpose


God says “go with the strength you have” – your “yes” and your trust in God is all you need, it’s equivalent to a stone and a slingshot.  When God sends you; He goes with you, and he gives you all you need when you need it.


Go with the strength you have and live your life of purpose on purpose.


*excerpts taken from “Journey To Purpose”, by Nichole Chavez