Life With Purpose

“You are blessed because you believed

 that the Lord would do what he said."

Luke 1:45NLT


Purpose starts with the belief that you have one. 


Every day we are adding to a life of purpose or a life without purpose.  The crazy thing is, we unknowingly make the decision to live a life with or without purpose without even knowing it. 


It’s hard to envision a life of purpose when you are living paycheck to paycheck; going to work day after day just to survive.  Maybe you have chosen to raise your kids full time in the place of working full time and the days start to run into each other as you clean spill after spill, make one uneaten meal after another, and do loads of unending laundry.  


This is not an ordinary life of purpose, this is an ordinary life with purpose.  When we give up intentionality we give up on purpose, when we give in to ordinary, we give up extraordinary.


Just because your life looks and feels ordinary doesn’t mean it is.  When you live your life with purpose, you are living the life God has for you.


“Sometimes, our purpose looks normal and ordinary.  It slips into everyday life, and if we are not careful, we will forget that every day plays a part in our purpose.  Every day matters, every day is a stepping stone to the next day, every day is a stepping stone on the path of purpose.” – Journey To Purpose


Mary, the mother of Jesus, was blessed because she believed the Lord would do what he said he would. She believed that she would give birth to the Savior and even though Mary lived the ordinary life of a wife and mother, I guarantee you that every time she looked at her miracle son Jesus, she knew with everything in her that she was living a life with purpose.


Do you believe you have a God-given purpose?   Start acting like it, live each day intentionally, live each day with purpose.


*excerpts taken from “Journey To Purpose”, by Nichole Chavez