Along The Way

“Along the way, 

they came across a man named Simon, 

who was from Cyrene, 

and the soldiers forced him to carry Jesus’ cross.”

Matthew 27:32


“Along the way,” that is a fitting way to start that scripture.  That is the way most of our purpose stories start.  Along the way, my eyes were opened to the brokenness, sin, hurt, addiction, hunger, sickness of this world.  Instead of Jesus accidentally crossing paths with us, He purposed us to meet the need around us, even if reluctantly.


Simon was forced to carry Jesus’ cross, he was pressured into helping a beaten, broken, unwanted, “guilty,” unrecognizable man.  You have to wonder what he was thinking; I believe it went something like this: “They want me to carry a cross for this man?  Surely, this man is guilty, surely, he has committed an unforgivable crime, surely, he is getting what he deserves. Why am I being forced to carry the burden of this guilty man’s cross, why am I being forced to carry the load of this man’s consequences, why am I being forced to take a detour from my planned day to walk with this man to his death?”


He probably saw himself as a victim of Roman rule and dictatorship.  I’m also sure that if Simon knew then what we know now he would have been a volunteer to carry Jesus’ cross, he might have asked to take his place. He may have seen that it wasn’t by chance that “along the way” they came across him; it was purposed to be this way, he would be the first one to pick up a cross and follow Jesus.


“Simon got one verse in the book of Matthew, a small detail in the grand story of Jesus.  But to Simon it wasn’t a small detail, it was a purpose lived out.  You may get one small line in the history of our world, but to God and to you, it is not a small line at all.  It is a life of purpose lived out, a life of significance, a moment in history that changed you and the world around you forever.” – Journey To Purpose


While you are along your way this week, pick up someone’s cross and carry it for them.  Meet a need, give a hug, give grace, forgive, love, change the world around you for Jesus and live a life with purpose.


*excerpts taken from “Journey To Purpose”, by Nichole Chavez