In The Smallest Of Things

“And we know that God causes everything to work together 

for the good of those who love God 

and are called according to his purpose for them.”

Romans 8:28 NLT



My daughter Nichelle is an aspiring photographer; her specialty is nature, not just nature in general, but the smallest of flowers in nature. 


I love driving around with her as we search for the perfect little flower. The one no one would bother to stop and look at; the one that’s too small and insignificant to be picked, the one that will take more time and skill to capture than may seem worth it; the ordinary flower, the one no one would mind stepping on.


These little flowers are her specialty.  I love sitting in the car and watching her as she kneels or lays on the ground to get as close to the little flower as possible, she’ll focus and refocus, change a lens or two, she’ll move around the tiny little speck of a flower trying to get the best light.


Then there is a moment of silence.  All of a sudden Nichelle will jump up with the biggest smile on her face, knees muddied up, leaves in her hair and not a care in the world. She’ll run to show me just how beautiful the tiny flower is, not how beautiful the photo is, she is more excited to show me the beauty in the tiniest of God’s creations.  


In her photo this tiny flower looks enormous, it is perfect in every way, it’s colorful, it’s delicate, it’s beautiful.  Every detail of this tiny flower perfectly captured in the photo, not a single thing missing. All of a sudden this little flower is no longer ordinary it is extraordinary.  You just can’t help but be amazed that so much detail and beauty would exist in something so tiny and insignificant.


God put His best work, creativity, and perfection into a flower that the casual passersby would never see or even know exists. Then He created my daughter who seeks out the beauty in the smallest of things and not only sees it, but captures it in its height of beauty for all time.  Two of God’s creations made and created on purpose and with a purpose.   


You will never be too small or insignificant for God to get up close and personal with you, take what is ordinary and make it extraordinary.


“God thought about you, planned you, and knit you together in your mother’s womb.  You were fearfully made to change the world around you through the purpose He put inside of you.”  – Journey To Purpose

*excerpts taken from “Journey To Purpose”, by Nichole Chavez