Influence Used

You are informed, equipped and empowered to change the world for Jesus.  You are alive at this time in our world’s existence on purpose and for a purpose. You were created to leave a legacy for Jesus to be a beacon of hope and a light shining in the darkness.  You are a leader, you do have influence and you can change the world for Jesus.


Every single minute is an opportunity to start over, to make your influence count, to bring Jesus into your world and to change the trajectory of your life and lives of the people you love, work with, interact with and live with.  Your influence can be used by God or abused and wasted by you.  The choice is yours.  


Mary’s story begins with the unbelievable, uphill, odds against her, nothing in it for her task; to bring the Savior into our world. She said “yes,” she brought the Savior into our world and changed it forever.


Eve’s story begins with “one day” Satan tempted her, and she changed the world forever by bringing sin into it.


Your story can be “one day” Jesus died for you, spoke to you, saved you, and you changed your world by bringing the Savior into it.


Now is the time: It is time to make the decision, declaration, and commitment to change your world for Jesus. 


Influence is not a choice but how you use it is. In the study I wrote titled:

Influence – Used, Abused or Wasted, we learned these six truths.


1.    You have influence, you were created to love and be loved by God and to change the world around you for God. 

2.    You are not a pawn to be used by Satan in his battle against God.

3.    Your “one day” has been made new and from this day forward you will not be used as a pawn who brings sin into your world, but you will bring the Savior into your decisions, thoughts, relationships, finances, addictions, and actions and you will change the world around you because you will bring the Savior into it.

4.    You need to take ownership of our place in God’s plan.  He is counting on you to bring the Savior into your world.  

5.    You need to armor up! You know there is a battle over your soul and your influence. Now is the time to prepare, armor up and fight with courage and strength.

6.    You are ready!  He created you ready! He created you with your present and future battles in mind, He knows you, He loves you, and He is with you!  


You were created to change the world for Jesus through the influence He has given you.  Now it is time to GO and change the world for Jesus.