Missing Nothing

In Genesis, we read about the creation of the world.  In six days, He created everything we see and don’t see.  He created a masterpiece, and He called it good.  He created man in His image, He created you in His image.  God in His infinite wisdom created the perfect world and universe, complete and missing nothing.    Missing nothing!


Do you know why you are alive, draw breath, exist? I believe that when God was creating the world He looked into the future and saw you and decided the world needed you, your gifts, talents, purpose and calling.  He needed you to accept freedom, silence the enemy and use the life He gave you to change the world for Him, to change your world for Him.


This sounds like a daunting, unrealistic and overwhelming mission but God isn’t afraid of daunting, He doesn’t believe in unrealistic and He knows overwhelming only happens when we try to do it without Him.  


Whatever stage you are in life, whatever has happened to you, whatever you have done, no matter your age,  whether you are single, married, divorced, widowed, single parent, co-parent, step-parent or pet parent, God sees you, He has equipped you, He is waiting on you to see Him and surrender yourself to Him.


Your life matters, your actions matter, your influence matters and your voice matters.


You are needed in the army of God; you are wanted in the army of God and you are vital in the army of God.  


Today you have the opportunity to choose how you will spend the seconds, minutes and hours of your day. Choose to spend it living out your purpose and calling, choose to say “yes” to God and let Him do the rest!